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Looking for a SIGNED Jimmy Page Custom?


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I posted this in the regular Les Paul forum, but figured it was worth copying and pasting here...


I was at Lauzon Music in Ottawa today, and the guys asked if I wanted to see one of the Jimmy Page Customs (the 3 pickup Black Beauty with the Bigsby). I figured it was one of the VOS ones limited to 500 made. Turns out it's number 25 of 25 played, numbered and signed by the man himself!!!!!!


The Custom Shop did the run of 500 VOS models that sold out at musiciansfriend for $5999, but like previous Page reissues (ie. the doubleneck), they also did a special run of 25. These 25 guitars were sent to Page and he played each one, then selected his favorite. This was designated as "1" and was kept by Jimmy. The others were numbered 2 through 25. The number is written on the back of the headstock and signed by Page in silver ink, and the case is signed in gold. There is also a special autographed certificate (not like a regular COA) with the details of the special run and a photo of Page bound in a special folder.


Of the 24 released to the public, 21 went to the Guitar Center, 1 to Europe, 1 to Japan, and 1 to Canada. The canadian distributor took the names of all their Gibson Custom dealers and drew one name. Lauzon didn't even know anything about it until they got a call from Yorkville asking them if they wanted it. Apparently Guitar Center had an event that you had to buy tickets for, and then had a "lottery" for the opportunity to buy one at $25,000. Lauzon is selling theirs for $21,000 canadian. Considering it's number 25 of 25, this would be the one to own other than perhaps number 2. The salesman put gloves on to take it out and they haven't even plugged it in. This way, whoever buys it will be the first person since Jimmy to plug it in.


Anyone interested can contact http://www.lauzonmusic.com/

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