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Help on Epi LPJr


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Hi guys,

I have bought an Epiphone LPJr online and it is landing at my house tomorrow. Based on some detective work - here amongst other places - I gather from the serial number (CI97014308) that it is a Cort Indonesian made guitar from ‘97.


But I cannot find any info on wood (mahogany or ply), pickup (it’s a P90k) or any other stuff. Hoping to find help here.


I got this for the local equivalent of $70. I always wanted a P90 loaded junior as the idea of being forced to use volumen/tone to find the right sound appeals tp me. With my other guitars, having multiple pickups offer enough tonal variance that I rareæy touch the tone knob and only roll off volume to dial in cleans when the amp is driven.


My plans for this are simple. I wont do much to it but from what I read here, swapping out tuners are pretty much a must. I may take off some finish from the neck if it is too stick. But beyomd that the only plan is to play the cr@p out of it.

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