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Customizing/Customising your Custom Shop Built Guitar

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One year ago, today, I bought my Gibson 2005 VOS R7 gold top dark back (desired finish/desired guitar).

And, when I bought it, I had a set of pickups I like put into it (I managed to find a set of Slash's Signature pickups which is basically the same pickup but tweeked to sound more like it did in 1987, and I found this pickup in the one finish I love and the one finish I never knew it came in until I found them and bought them for my R7 which, was close by where I bought being put in to its guitar case with its scratch plate that I probably would have took off anyway.

I took it home, realised I wanted another bridge, went to sleep, woke up, and, tomorrow will be the anniversary of my TonesPros bridge in my guitar guy's luthier / guitar customisation business closer to home.


My guitar was used and an owner before me gave it a relic job and, upgraded the capacitors I later found out.


The actual knobs I have on it now are speed knobs, that was done this year, last summer or spring, and having the speed knobs finished my guitar...


When I was buying it, there was 'the other' straplock system installed on this guitar, the place I bought installed the parts for free, and I sourced the parts from close by (Tin Pan Alley UK/Denmark Street, London).



I have a 1996 Gibson Custom Shop Red Sparkle Top / Dark Back chambered body with a thinner neck profile and a transparent scratch plate and, Gibson put on that Schaller tunomatic bridge on, so it's stock for this guitar.

A previous owner of this 1996 guitar I got in 2011, even had a set of the straplock system I do use; This guitar found me kind of deal/love at first play.

The only thing I had done to this guitar was have a set of the pickups I like installed (Seymour Duncan APH-1 set).

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