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Question about Explorer case


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I have a 2016 Explorer Traditional. It came with a gig bad and I would like to have a hard shell case. SKB makes one that I can purchase from the usual retailers but I'd rather have a Gibson case. Some Explorers come from Gibson with a hard shell case that has a form fitting body cut out, which is the type of case I want. I assume these are made by TKL like the other Gibson hard cases but on TKL's website, the case listed for Explorers does not have the body cut out in the form of the Explorer body.


I have found a used Gibson case for sale. The case is advertised as being from the 1990s. It is brown, has the Gibson USA logo, has the pink interior with the shroud.


My question is, will by 2016 Explorer properly fit in this 1990s case? My concern is that there have been changes to the Explorer body shape. I don't know when or how many changes there have been so I don't know if a 2016 guitar fits a 1990s case. Any thoughts, insights, or answers are appreciated. Thanks!

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rct is our resident case expert. A Traditional Explorer should fit. I used to have an Explorer and the case weighed as much as a grown man.



Thanks. Yes, given the case's dimensions, I suspect it is quite heavy.

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