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Will Upgrading the Limited Edition First Run Robot Guitar lose its Value?

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Just wondering what anyone's take is on whether upgrading the 1st Runs will cause them to lose their value? I was also wondering because I have to wonder what will happen to these guitars when the robotics inevitably die in 20 years or so? I would think a non-working robot guitar stock, is no less valuable than a functioning 1st Run with new tuners.

Can anyone clarify for me what upgrades may or may not effect. Do regular guitars loose their value if you swap out the hardware over the years? I would think that regular wear and tear (like with fretboard replacement) would dictate that these upgrade will need to happen?





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I think in the short run, updating might raise value, but in the long run the totally stock models are worth the most.


I would be ok updating anything that could be reversed, like new tuners (hang on to the original ones so you can switch them back and they should still be in good condition)

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