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New guitar, can anyone help identify?

Quantum Shinobi

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Hi everyone, I just bought a Custom Shop Les Paul off of ebay, and I absolutely love it! =D>/ I'm not sure exactly what model it is though, and I was wondering if anyone here could help me out.


Here's what the seller says she is: "It's a 1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Custom Shop finish. Gibson would do this very rarely when they had some extra maple tops laying around in the Custom shop. They would take a bundle of standards and give them the extra finishes. Then neck would be like that of a '97 Standard."


Does this sound reasonable? I had never heard of such a practice, and if it's not true then the only other thing I could think it might be is a Custom Shop Classic Premium Plus. It's got a quilted top, tobacco burst finish, and '57 Classics.


Sorry for the poor photo quality, my hands are way too unsteady for something with as long of an exposure time as a digital camera [-o<


Here she is:



and here is the back of the headstock, if it helps ID it:



any help would be great! I'm very curious and would like to learn more about my new #1 guitar :-({|=

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Yes, it is a crack, or more properly a seam from a repair. Right through the center of the custom shop logo... it's sad, but guitar love endures all scars. The guitar at some point suffered from a broken headstock, and was repaired by Dave's Guitar Shop, according to the seller. It is very solidly repaired though, and should be structurally fine, if what I've heard from luthiers on other forums is correct.


As for more pics, I'll put more and better ones up as I get them, probably later tonight if I can get my wife to help get good pictures of it

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