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  1. I used to enjoy playing after eating a certain fungus that grows on cow poop.... Now I might enjoy half a beer or so but I never eat while I'm playing because it dirties up your fret board and reduces the life of your strings exponentially.
  2. The trick is to be able to jump from one to another seamlessly. Once you have that you can change scales seamlessly too without having to go back to a "home position" which can really weigh down your playing. Most solos that people learn usually stick in one spot because its easier but the guy who played the solo might've played it differently in terms of what he did on the neck.
  3. The bright pink one and the semi-hollowbody one are hilariously bad.
  4. Swmcv2007

    SG-3 pickups

    I LOVE SG-3s but can't afford one, especially since I'd get it to mod anyways. I'm also seriously considering having a lutheir route my SG Standard for 3 pickups.
  5. I voted for Homz. Here's why: -Let's say Homz said something that really offended people (not their political views) but actually offended someone and they said something, he'd apologize (or Wicked1 would make him..) -If Neo did that and you said something he'd probably call you stupid and write a 4 page long essay outlining how "stupid" you are just to feed his all consuming ego. -Homz is most likely just baiting you most of the time. -Neo is most likely trying to show off. Not to mention Homz has all these heartwarming threads about his kids and their various accomplishments as well as videos of his band. Neo has a TON of threads aimed at putting people down. Neo does have a much sweeter guitar collection but there are a lot of mean people with nice things.
  6. His point is to wank himself off on a forum with his posts. He's our very own Political Troll.
  7. You make it sound as if thats an insult. Homz brings humor and good spirits to the forum. He never attacks people and has even been known to talk about guitars. You' date=' on the other hand, attack everyone and post GIGANTIC political posts despite that being the acknowledged downfall of this forum because its so off topic and it causes so much strife. I may not speak for everyone but this is a guitar forum. We like guitars. I'm a musician and I couldn't give less of a sh!t about politics. I just want to jam out and talk about gear and common influences. Yeah, you have a LOT of nice guitars but you only seem to talk about them to brag and then quickly go back to spamming the forum. You act like your some groundbreaking political analyst but you're just spewing bias political to a bunch of potheads and defiantly aging rockers. I'm going to dub you the [b']"Political Troll"[/b] because you respond and egg people on EXACTLY like a troll. -No one cares if you can respond a hundred times to an insult or argumentative comment. -No one cares about one sided views. -No one must care in your real life otherwise you'd be bothering them with this crap. My dad once told me that people who wholeheartedly believe that their opinions are right "Are just like terrorists and usually die fat and unhappy." You gonna tell me off? Go ahead, waste more of your life as an "Political Troll" on a guitar forum. Give me more entertainment because I love depressing people, especially when everything they do is a form of mental masturbation to compensate for something missing.
  8. Im with Cruznolfart on the green train to happiness. I only drink once or twice a month but its usually a beer called Blue Moon or my high school sweetheart Colt 45.
  9. It should be fine. Tone-wise I have no idea but I doubt you'll do any damage.
  10. Agreed, this is probably the hardest question I've ever heard. It's probably a tie between "Dear Prudence" and then the whole "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" -"The End."
  11. Like all music, there is some awesome rap, there's just some really bad stuff that's mainstream right now. I like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg (I feel his best raps were on The Chronic), Wu-Tang, KRS-One, and The D.O.C. but not much else.
  12. Try adapting classic Motown songs to work for your band. They are so simple that you can re-arrange them anyway you want and people will love it.
  13. +1 on all the Paul McCartney I feel the most underrated bass player of all time is Bruce Thomas. He's in the same school, as McCartney but he's much more balls-to-the-wall. Here's a few examples of his KILLER bass lines. Lipstick Vogue - This one reminds me of John Paul Jones melodically but rhythm wise he seems to be channeling Flea before Flea was around. - He didn't play on the studio version (which has a great bassline played by Nick Lowe) but he makes this one his own. He's so damn bouncy while still being somewhat heavy, I love it. - Bruce Thomas puts the Precision in P-Bass.
  14. Awesome cake! Now we just need to figure out how to make an amp out of ice cream....
  15. Congratulations. Especially on the one-off pickup, I think that type of stuff is the bees-knees. Don't tease us, please show some beautiful pics.
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