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  1. this is hilarious! Homz lives!!!

  2. Hey dude... looks like you are not banned anymore.

  3. Your reputation precedes you.

  4. If I was turned in as an instigator it would have been KSG. It's in his character to do such things.
  5. I'm not banned. Who in their right mind would put some acoustic forum dude as a moderator anyway. Doh!!
  6. I will try to log off and then back on. If I don't come right back it must be true that I am banned. If this is the case I will simply get another IP and come back under another nick. Be right back.
  7. Well if I'm banned than I'd like to know a specific reason. I can't help that people get emotional when I post inflammatory things. If they can't control themselves they should seek a councilor. :-
  8. What specifically did I do to get banned? Gibson rocks. You don't.
  9. Who's banned? what are you talking about?
  10. It is cool, but there is no such guitar. It's a 1959 Les Paul. Standard came later.
  11. Is intonation adversely effected if the action is quickened by lowering the strings closer to the fret board? #5 Homz actually says something about guitars.
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