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  1. <3 I was hoping it would have a volume... we must talk then...
  2. i might have to commission you for a sweet trem, what controls is this gonna have? **** it, i'm just gonna send you an email cuz you're so cute
  3. dub, your builds are so clean. its ridiculous
  4. Your Neil Young avatar is the mad notes!

    When you back in town? Keeping music EVIL?

  5. gibson forums told me to say hello. how are you doing? glad to see you joined these wonderful forums, hope to see more posts from you. btw, you can call me nate. fred is a nickname

  6. d00d, you know I love Neil Young. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere is one of my favorite albums EVER. I'm just having some fun at your expense. ;)

  7. See, i smoke like less than a pack a week, and I feel no draw to do it, I'm just doing it because I have time between class and all of my friends smoke but i started because it helped with my anxiety attacks, which it did. I can't get addicted because I can't afford em when i move back to illinois hhahah. smoking sucks though to be honest

  8. American Spirits are pretty good, to be fair, and I smoke them sometimes too. The blacks are harsh as ****, which is good because I like harsh cigarettes. Also they burn pretty slowly.

    Good on you for quitting, though. I want to quit but they keep calling me back. In fact, just writing about cigarettes makes me want to go out for a smoke.

  9. word. right now, i've been playing it low key with women, but most of the girls I like are in relationships...

    Midterms suck, but I get to write an awesome paper on Wilco for my anthro class, so its ok I guess.

    marlboros make me sick, dem00n is probably gonna call me a super hipster, but now i only smoke american spirits, but I'm probably going to quit because they...

  10. I was just playing around dude--no sweat, really. I've been crabby too, to be honest. Midterms suck and every girl I've tried talking to has rejected me outright, except for the girl of my dreams who just so happens to be a lesbian.

    I went off cigarettes for a weekend because my parents were visiting, and when I took them up again, I didn't like any smokes but Marlboro No...

  11. i've been dieting, and cigarettes taste terrible to me now, no idea why. I have like a Clif Bar a day plus a light dinner, and that's it.

    If I seem crabby, its because I have to deal with enough whiny bullshit in the real world, that I don't want to hear it on the forum I guess.

    idk, im sorry. btw, clear your PMs fool


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