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Stienberger Spirit trem - cant refit it!!!


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Hi everyone,


I'm having trouble refitting a Spirit trem unit. I don't understand exactly what holds the unit in place. When I tighten the master tuning screw (no strings on), it pushes the trem too far forward and the trem moves upwards. When I restring, with no or only a little tightening of the master screw, the trem again gets pulled forward and seems to sit too high. Theres probably something very simple I am not seeing?! Any suggestions would be great. I can post pics if that would help.


Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Sorry for the late response. I have a Hohner G3T but it has the same Steinberger trem. There's no such thing as a master tuning screw so I assume you mean the single, big thumbwheel at the back centre under the bridge. The purpose of this screw is to adjust the tension on the whammy spring so that when the strings are in tune, the bridge is flat; same function as the pair of trem spring claw screws behind most whammy guitars. My bridge has a small lever that locks the bridge flat if the whammy is not in use or when changing strings or changing tunings. If you have the same, lock the bridge, put on the new strings, tune to pitch and then adjust the big screw so that the locking lever can only just be unlocked and locked. That's it. Adjusting the intonation and string height is another thing and is a little fiddly but really easy.


If you do not have the locking lever then you need to find another way to lock the bridge flat when putting strings on and tuning to pitch.

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