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EPI Joe Pass PU


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I just "turned around" the neck HB PU on my EPI Joe Pass to get a little more "sparkle".

It's basically in vain as the distance is not enough to change the sound.

I intend to replace it soon w/ a HB size P-90.


The sticker says: 57CH (G)





Is there anything special about this PU ?

It doesn't sound bad but I really think the P-90 sound is where I want to be.



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My experience with regular non-US Epis (as opposed to Elitists) is confined to trying them in shops but I get the impression from trying them out and reading reviews that they generally respond well to a pickup upgrade.


So you can go P90 - but there are a couple of other options. If you are keen on a large bobbin single coil, have you thought about a Charlie Christian?


Or you can stay with a bucker but go for one that sounds righter to you. There is any number of different models from any number of winders.


What style of music are you playing?



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Style & play is older blues although I'm currently doing

a lot of top end sparkle/accent with a 50,60,70s band.


I'm absolutely in love with the crunch of my White Falcon's


I do not want to alter the look of the EPI Joe Pass, only

to get the sound a little more SCoil yet vintage.

The P-90 from GFS is HB sized & gold cover.


My understanding is that the orig.electrics (w/500pots)

will work but someday, the harness & pots will be upgraded.


and when GAS coincides with the wallet, I'd love another older archtop

that's just cryin' for a vintage size/style C.C.





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