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Vox Tonelab LE


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YES I have one and I'm very impressed It responds very well to volume change like a cranked tube amp. I have not used it in a live setting myself I no longer play out live but put on some Bose headphones and you'll be amazed. The pre sets kinda suck but if you know tube amps you'll have no problem dialing it up. The effects a great too. Worth every dime to me.

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I've got one too, I use it on stage in studio and at home. I can't see myself using anything else.

At least not for a while:-"


There's plenty of stuff to mess with that's for sure. I use a 5150 for my main amp and I use the distortion from that amp exclusively with the ToneLab in the effects loop, it sound killer!


I have went from my guitar to ToneLab to amp input and used the distortion from the ToneLab and got great results, but I needed more on the distortion side of things to be truthful. The simple fact that you could do either or - was enough for me to buy it.


I hope this helps if you have any questions, I've got some answers.

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