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SJ-200 question


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I was at the Bee-3 Vintage guitar show in Spartanburg, S.C. yesterday and a fellow had a pretty minty SJ-200 sunburst for sale from 1998. I was thinking about making an offer on it, but I'm not sure what they're fetching these days. It sounded good (although the hall was quite loud and I'd want to play it again in a quieter setting.) One thing for sure, it played like butter. Action was perfect and it made me feel like a better guitarist than I am (that alone makes it priceless.)


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone know whether these SJ-200's from '98 are similar to the modern classics being offered today: bracing, construction, etc. One difference I noticed from the MC is this one features the Grover Imperial Tuners. Also, would anyone like to give me some advice for a reasonable price to offer on an SJ-200 of this vintage?


Thanks. BC

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