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I bought an ES-325 in 1974 or 75 and have never been able to find out anything about it. Serial # is 744755, one F-hole, two hum


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Hey Peter--


I would suggest that you edit your post: only write a brief title in the title line and then put your question(s) in the box underneath the buttons marked B, I and U. Most of us can't even read your entire question because it all appears only in an abbreviated form as the title of your post.



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Maybe, a guitar with that serial number once belonged to someone in the Mob.

Maybe, Peter found that out.

Maybe, they had been looking for that guitar for some time now.

Maybe, they wanted it back.

Maybe, it was full of illegal narcotics hidden away inside.

Maybe, he had to flee the country suddenly.

Maybe, he caught a flight to Argentina.

Maybe. he is sitting on a beach somewhere with a Pignose, strumming his precious ES-325 that was made in 1974

or 75 that he has never been able to find out anything about, that has the serial #744755, and one F-hole,

and two humbuckers, while drinking a Long Island Iced Tea wishing he was back home in Connecticut where

it snows all the time, with his wife who constantly nagged him, and his kids who loved him, but secretly

wished he would just go away.




I dunno. I haven't seen him. I don't know anything. In fact, I was never here.

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