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57 Classics with a "Wound by" Sticker?


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So I just opened up a 2001 61 RI SG with Lyre that I just acquired and the pups have me curious. Please see thumbnails below.


Did 57's from that vintage have those white stickers on them? I've got a newer set that I don't think does, but I wasn't sure about the old ones. Haven't put a meter on them yet, but they sound about right.


Also, they have slotted height adjustment screws (is this standard?), and upgraded pots and caps (CTS and Orange Drops) so I thought maybe the dude changed pups also......







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Yep , you will find the white sticker AND a PAF decal on 57s and BB pickups of a fairly recent vintage and will not find an engraved logo. The white decal should be under the PAF decal but it looks pretty much like the real deal. Engraved logo backplate =phillips height screws ,non engraved backplate with PAF decal+ white decal = slotted height adjustment screws

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