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Gibson can you send me in France a Sling?


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I want to buy in few days a GIBSON LES PAUL in Germany or France, I don't know today. The price change. But I would like to know from GIBSON company if they can send to me a Special typical sling (Strap) for my guitare. Then when I play I can show it. Also perhaps few sticky. If you send to me, I can send money in mail or wine or what you like. Or you can bring to me here in France and we invite you (and family) to stay in our house in GRENOBLE. Firts answer at= picgeny@gmail.com.


Than I can send you another email adress if is necessary. Regards. Bernard.

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Hi, welcome to the forum, if you like gibson straps then your best bet is to try to find one in the same store you buy your guitar from, that or go online and buy one from an authorized dealer that is willing to ship to your country.


Here's a site where I've bought some gibson stuff, they have almost everything and the stuff arrived really fast and well packaged.

Here's their Original Gibson Straps section:




So what model are you buying? Hope you get a good deal and like that guitar as much as most of us like ours.

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