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  1. Hola Highfire, si he leído el hilo sobre tus modificaciones, me imagino que suena genial tu guitarra. Yo estoy también con eso de molificar mis gitanas últimamente... y eso que antes lo consideraba un pecado jejeje.
  2. Garage band is as user friendly as they come, and also comes free with Mac computers. It's really easy to use, and the best part is, if you want to do a little more work you can open GB projects with logic pro.
  3. Same here Dave. What's up?:)
  4. Its good to see some familiar faces ZZ. BTW the next thing on my to do list is a white start with lots of mods. I'm probably going to do it soon. I want maple fretboard and white 2 single coil pick guard with emg S pickups... a booster and some other stuff like blade runner trem and sperzel tuners.
  5. I think most of my stuff has been posted already but I have two new moded guitars I'll share tomorrow... one is an old project that took 3 years to finish. :)
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have to see what the local dealers are packing these days, from what I've seen so far most of it is the same old Chinese stuff. I don't care about dreadnaught or jumbo bodies, I like concert, classic and parlor shapes, don't think I'll be needing a cutaway model.
  7. Pues es exactamente lo que iba a proponer jajaja si el se dedica a eso y el cliente confía en el... pues por algo ha de ser. :) Yo siempre pongo el stop tail recto, paralelo al cuerpo pero lo hago porque tengo problemas serios con la simetría :D y siempre que el ángulo de las cuerdas lo permita, me he topado con un par de guitarras en las que preferí dejarlo inclinado para que las cuerdas no toquen el puente en mas puntos que en los saddles.
  8. Hey Milod! Good to see you are still visiting the forum. Yeah I'm still in South America, and as weird as it might sound, lots of people from the US are moving here, especially to small cities... I've met at least 2 dozen families that moved here from the US, Canada and the UK in the last year. They seem to think things are somehow easier in here, guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence lol.
  9. Dude... you still around?

  10. What acoustic would you recommend as the best with a 1500 bucks budget? I'm looking for an acoustic that sounds good and looks good, there isn't many models and brands here and most of them are really cheap sounding (probably because they are utterly cheap lol). I am on the fence about getting a guitar made by a known brand or having it made locally by a luthier... the guy that builds guitars I like will charge about 2K... which means I could get a 1500 guitar + hardcase + shipping and taxes if I find one interesting enough. So, what guitars are you using that you would recommend? And
  11. Onions, relish, mustard, mayo and ketchup (yeah, I put those two on hotdogs... it is actually considered normal where I live and a hotdog without mayo and ketchup is not considered a hotdog). Sometimes, if I do have some around, I'll put avocado/guacamole, chili, beans, cheese, chips and other stuff on it.
  12. Wow! Having seen this gold top, no other guitar should be considered a good top.
  13. Better chance of cows/pigs flyin'! :)
  14. Been there. Done that. Don't leave Dave.
  15. ...a corvette and a job? You should complain, in fact I think you should write a letter to the big guy upstairs and tell him you will not take this anymore. :D
  16. Saludos a todos, me he ausentado un par de años (jajaja) por cuestiones personales y de trabajo, alguno de los usuarios mas antiguos sigue activo?
  17. Hola amigos, espero no llegar tarde a este hilo... Estas afinando la guitarra hacia arriba o hacia abajo o indistintamente? Me explico, si la afinas para abajo siempre tendrás problemas sobre todo con la tercera cuerda. Intenta aflojarla un poco, que el tono quede uno o dos tonos mas bajo de lo deseado. Ahora estirarla un poco, tirando solamente un par de centímetros hacia arriba, luego la sueltas y repites dos veces el procedimiento. Una vez hecho esto, afinala para arriba (osea apretando la cuerda, subiendo el tono hasta llegar al tono deseado). Si con esto aun tienes probl
  18. I log in and find an inbox full of messages from users I didn't know existed and all of them are either telling me about this software for posting or asking where to get this software for posting (that I've never heard about before logging in today). So... was the forum under some sort of SPAMbot attack recently? Did anyone else get these anoying messages? Mods?
  19. That emperor was a clone, one of many, there are lots more and other Death Stars being built and already functioning. There are... other guys also.
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