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  1. well I might start a blog about my C64, how i got it, how i use it :D

  2. I need an amp stand........ so i can get the sound to shoot at my head!
  3. I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!! LOL i need an amp stand lol
  4. I'm thinking of making guitars with built in amps, like some guitar makers have done
  5. Do you have a Facebook Page? I could send Damien's last demo if your interested.

  6. nice profile picture dude

  7. Thanks lol, how are you Jake?

  8. Hey fenderguy it's Jake just came to see how things are going. You were online early this morning!

  9. the chassis early marshalls used were Fender Bassman chassis's particularly the 1959 models, so your incorrect on that statement
  10. The Stratocaster, one of my favourite guitars

  11. Hey FenderGuy1 what's up?

    I'd like to invite you to other forum... would you join?

  12. Anyway, How is the Fender site, any good guitar news going on there? i like your new profile pic, and your avatar on the forums is still that bird right? i LIKE it

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