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Battery Not Charging


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I took delivery on my DF yesterday. An amazing guitar! It worked flawlessly at a gig last night.


Problem: The blue light on the charger box never goes off. I thought the battery might be charging anyway. It was plugged in for 5 hours, (I gigged with it last night plugged in as a precaution, going through the charger box to the amp).


To check the battery level (there is no info on this in the manual) the Gibson help-line tech said pull up the MCK, turn to C , the battery level would show up as green LED lines. The phone-tech was not absolutely sure if I just had to turn to C or if I also had to push the MCK to view the charge.


When I pull up and turn the MCK to C, I see 1 Green LED line, 1 red, 2 blank and 2 that appear to be white or slightly violet. If I push the MCK while in C it goes into pickup ID mode.


Just to verify that I'm not doing anything wrong, I am using the stereo cable to go from the guitar to the Stereo input of the charger box, and then of course the charger box is plugged in.


Any advice will be appreciated.

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Copy / Paste from the manual. Its all in there!!! Welcome onboard.


Charge Level Display

Your Dark Fire guitar should be able to perform up to 500 tunings without needing recharging.

You can check the level of charge in Dark Fire’s on-board re-chargeable battery pack at the C LED position of any Bank. Pull out the MCK and turn it to the C LED. Press the display until the Display Matrix shows a graphic depiction of your charge level.

1 or 2 red bars = low charge level

2 red bars plus 1 or 2 yellow bars = medium charge level (charging is not absolutely necessary but will improve performance.)

2 red bars, 2 yellow bars, one or 2 green bars = high charge level (recommended for best performance.)

The Humbucking Pickup symbol (next to the guitar symbol) next to the Display Matrix will also indicate charge level. It will shine orange when the system has only another 30 minutes of operation left on its charge level.

It will shine red when the charge level is too low for the system to operate properly, and charging is required immediately.

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The manual is an evolving document so actually it does not ship in printed form. Please review the postings in the reference section of the forum and also the manual files on the gibson webpage. Lots to digest. Happy reading!

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