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Unable to Update Guitar


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I have installed the software, updated the RIP, but I cannot update the firmware on the Guitar. I keep getting the cannot detect guitar message. I have tried it on my mac book pro and on a windows box. I can hear the relays click in the guitar but nothing happens.


I have tried:

1. Different firewire cables

2. Different stereo cables

3. 109 reset of the guitar

4. Mac book pro and windows pc

5. Fully charged the guitar.

6. Calling gibson(the tech told me to try all of the above again and that he would email further suggestions)


Any other suggestions?+:-@](*,)

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Sorry to hear this. Having experienced a very similar incident I know first hand how frustrating it is. In my case #109 did the trick but I see you have tried this already. Can't think of anything else to try until Gibson comes back to you. Seems like you ruled out all possible angles. Good luck with it. Please let us know if you make a new discovery in how this issue can be resolved.

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