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Epiphone Flying V pickguard

Bob McGath

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I am a newbie as well but I saw your post and wanted to let you know that I have had luck with WD Music products for pick guards and hard to find hardware. They do not show a specific Epiphone V pickguard but they do show the Gibson styles and they also will do the custom work for less common volume and tone pot locations. Since they are starting from scratch you can get pretty much any color/number of layers in contrasting color for the binding. Silver sparkle with purple accents? Boom no problem. They aren't cheap but they have done several things for me and the quality was very good. Hope this helps,


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I have the same issue. I have been searching high, low and everywhere else. I am about to pack up another white pickguard that does not fit and return to sender. I see it has been several months... have you had any luck? I have been reticent to go full custom, like WD Music, because of the cost, one reason, and the measuring margin of error, another, but this is already a used Epiphone, which means the value is already low for such an expensive guitar. I just want to be careful about how much I want to put into this guitar. It is on the extremely high end, as it is, for an Epi. Anyway, I have a vision and a sound or a sound and vision, so I need to get this white pickguard somehow. Let me know if you ended up with the coveted while pickguard.


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Likewise. I'm after a truss rod cover replacement for my Epi Dave Rude Flying V.  Along w/ this I'm working on finding pickup rings and covers for the ProBuckers it has.  Earlier this week I ordered the covers. Finding an official Gibson replacement set wasn't too difficult (50mm/52mm).  I'm considering replacing the pickguard...i.e. if I can find a place that sells 'em. 

The link below may be worth looking at. There's just one Flying V option - Gibson '67 Flying V Reissue. However, there's an option to send them a tracing of the one your replacing, or need.



Can't find the part you want? Send us a tracing and we'll duplicate it for you!"


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