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Wiring Diagram G-310?


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Hey Forum Folke,

I decided to 'upgrade' my "SG" G-310 with hotter pickups (DiMarzio Super-Distortion), and have been having issues getting it all to work.  Neck but no bridge, bridge but no neck, nothing at all, etc.  I've found several diagrams that appear to be close, but they differ slightly from each other, and I'd like to see an Epiphone diagram to see if there's any significant difference between it and the ones I'm finding.  Can't find ANY diagrams on the Epiphone site at all.  Any ideas on where I might find one?

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Hey dReit1...

Couldn't find an exact match on Di Marzio; closest one had a master volume that I lack, and the colors don't match what I have.  Still, it's enough to figure out what ought to go where. 

On a happier (sort of) note, I figured out why this thing did nothing when it should have worked: I'm pretty sure I burned 'the volume pots open by going too hot too many times with the soldering iron.  Got no readings of any kind from them (open across the resistor track, open from the wiper to either end.)  Too many re-wiring attempts to get it working, and to heavy-handed with the iron.  Live and learn.  Got two CTS pots on order, and then I should be up and running.

Thanks for your reply, at any rate.

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