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Cleaning your guitars?


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I hope I don't get flamed over this. For what its worth, here's what I do...


I usually clean the guitar and give it a gentle polish using the Gibson Accessories Polish Pump about once or twice a week.


Everytime I do that I also clean the strings using Tone Finger-Ease. Mind you I'm not a gig player and don't sweat while playing since its at home sitting down in a relaxed & airconditioned environment all the time so the impact on the strings is not that much. One may want to do this more often if their use is different.


Last but not least. I clean the fretboard about once a month using Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil . I don't take the strings out for this but I do a String Down and loosen them, clean and then string up.


Hope this helps.


PS. Not affiliated with the makers of these products or the particular retailers with the posted links. Just what google served me.

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Your advice, as always, is excellent and useful. I also use the same products, but was unfamiliar with "Tone Finger-Ease; my order already went out, thanks!


On an ancillary note: On this forum, elantric recently recommended Caig De-Oxit Gold contact cleaners/lubricators for the MCK; I ordered some and it smoothed out my MCK *greatly* (while it wasn't bad before, it's like hog snot on a doorknob now). Thanks, elantric! But the *real* news is I also ordered their Lint-Free cleaning cloths, #LFC-P/50, and used one to wipe down my DF last night. (Background: My DF has been plagued with smears, fingerprints, and other "stuff" undoubtedly acquired by its brief stay at GC; I previously wiped it down with microfiber cloths after each use, but those problems remained). I wiped it down with a Caig cloth (nothing else), and it's now immaculate; I'm going to order these by the gross! Once again, thanks elantric!!!


And thanks, once again, to you, MCK!!!

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Thank you for that advice! Late this afternoon I received a new (to me) 1981 Gibson Chet Atkins CE nylon string electric. Umm...well...it showed its years of loving play (don't misunderstand; it's a great guitar and I'm falling in love with it)! I took your advice and cleaned the neck and fingerboard, plus localized overly-loved areas, with Naptha, then followed up with GI bore cleaner. OMG...it's a whole new (well...clean) instrument! Thank you!!!

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