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1920 L-1 advice


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Hello All, I'm new here, not a guitarist and need advice. I have a 1920 L1 and would appreciate your criticism of my listing and advice on an opening bid for an online auction. Because it's a restoration project it's hard for me to value. I am posting pix and copy for your review.


1920 L1 Gibson Archtop

Serial # 58747 located inside sound hole on label. Label reads.Patented Feb,1,'98 March 30,'06.Other Patents Pending.Trapeze reads Patented July19,1910.

Restoration project. Back is separated and it's missing 1 tuning peg. Original bridge and nut detached but included.















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This has the potential to be something very special. I hope that whoever does the restoration has worked extensively with guitars (old) as this will require great expertise to achieve a high quality result and my view is why bother unless you want it to be beautiful.


For what its worth this will require an experienced master luthier to do justice to a beautiful old guitar.

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My suggestion is that you send it to Folkways Music in Guelph Ontario, Canada for restoration and then sell it after it is all put back together.


You will always achieve a better profit from a completed guitar, and access a larger market, than if you sell it in its wrecked state.


Make sure the restoration is documented with good photographs. People are very happy to buy a rebuilt guitar that is properly done, and Folkways is a guaranteed Gibson restoration specialist.

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