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2002 Custom Historic Non Reverse Firebird Copper Swirl


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Hello all! I’m curious if anyone knows the history of the Custom Shop Non Reverse Reissues. In my research the only information I could find is an old thread on the Les Paul Forum from 2002 asking if anyone would be interested in them as they’re the only guitars Gibson hadn’t reissued. 


Later in the thread LPNV59 states : 

“The non reverse is back! I saw a about a dozen or so non reverse birds at the custom shop this week. All were fitted with 2 full humbuckers, don't know which type, with open top covers. Three of them were swirl finished in green/yellow, orange/red and blue/silver. They have a bigger neck profile as well and a coil tap series/parallel wiring set up.”

This is the orange/red version, I call it copper... By reading this I am finding out, I suppose, that this is amongst the first wave of Custom Shop Non Reverse Historic Reissues. Pretty damn cool if so! It comes with the Custom Art & Historic Case and Certificate. Gibson Customer Service verified it’s authenticity but wouldn’t give me anything else. I read on an old sales post for a blue one that only five were made in that finish. Would love to know if that were true. Anyone know or remember anything about these?



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On 2/25/2020 at 6:05 PM, Eades said:

I remember the blue one, the colours and swirls were supposed to mimic bowling balls

Ha! I’ve seen the blue and green ones. Gotta say I don’t think of bowling balls when I see them. Super cool finish, though. It’s like an acrylic pour with the random bubbling in the colors. Curios how they did it. The finish is all over right up to the very edge of the fretboard. 


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