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There is a thread further down below in this Acoustic Epiphone site called Decoding Serial Numbers or something similar that maybe can help you decode your guitar’s serial number.   See two paragraphs below for more on this subject.

What is interesting about your guitar is that it’s label refers to it as an Epi rather than as an Epiphone.  Circa 1978-79 to my recollection, Epiphone introduced a new budget line to the Epiphone line that they called the Epi line.  That line was discontinued after a couple of years.  And, where the Epiphone line in the 70s were outsourced to Japan to be built, it is known that the Epi line was outsourced elsewhere.  Perhaps maybe as a way at the time for Gibson to explore outsourcing future Epiphones elsewhere.  After Epiphones we’re built in Japan, they later have been  built in Korea, China, and Indonesia, etc.

FYI.  The above referenced Decoder posting string elsewhere on this site technically applies to the Epiphone  line, but maybe it can also be used to decode the Epi line.  I’m not sure.  Keep in mind that all of the Epiphone guitars in the 70s are tough to decode their serial numbers and many remain a mystery today because of poor record keeping on the Epiphone line during the first decade of Gibson’s exploration into outsourcing the Epiphone line overseas.  The Epi line may very well be a part of that mystery and remain so for the same reason.  

I know in the case of your guitar’s model number, the C very likely just stands for Classical meaning it’s a classical style guitar with nylon strings on it as opposed to steel strings.  Plus, Classical guitars generally have 12 frets to where they join the neck as opposed to most steel string guitars that have 14 frets until they join the neck.  Players who play classical style guitars include Peter, Paul, and Mary, Willie Nelson, as well as a large number of classical music players such as Segovia.  Flamenco guitarists also utilize classical guitars.  Although all of the described played high end Martin brand guitars or custom made classicals by luthiers.   There is nothing in any case that limits a classical guitar to only one type of music just as there is nothing that limits a steel string guitar to any one type of music.  Classical or nylon string guitars have their own unique sound compared to steel string guitars.  Classical guitars are a lot easier on the fretting hand although the trade off is typically classical guitars have much wider fretboards than steel string guitars to provide more room for note fretting.  The trade off is a wider neck is a bit harder to fret a chord.  But, all of that is minimal.

I believe the E in your guitar’s model name just refers to it being an Epi model.  If by chance your guitar has a pickup in it it could also refer to electric, but, I do not believe that to be the case of your guitar it just likely means an Epi brand Classical guitar.  The 100 probably stands for it being more of a beginner guitar as the numbering is low.  Epiphone has on other models used the 100 designation to mean its on the scale of a beginner model, so I have no reason to think it’s short lived spin off line used the 100 designation for any other purpose. Perhaps at one time Epiphone may have indicated a 100 model to have  its selling price be at $100, but if that is so that would have changed due to inflation although the 100 designation remains I think even today on an Epiphone beginner model.

To my recollection, the low  priced Epiphone classicals have been heralded as being really good sounding for recording.  I have no reason to think that would be different on their short lived Epi line.

Maybe someone else can chime in with what wood material the top is made of.   On this one, I’m not of much help as I know a lot more about steel string guitar tops than classical guitar tops.  I own two classical guitars and even on those I have no clue what their tops are made of or how they are braced.  I care more about how they play and sound than that particular detail.

I hope all this helps.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff






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