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Epi L.P. 2020 pickup question


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Doing some research on the new Epi line for 2020.


It states"The control assembly features the treble bleed circuit to keep your highs sparkling when turning your volume down, 3 push-pull pots to switch between the humbucker and the single-coil sounds, and phase switching for the most versatile and sonic variety. "

Forgive the ignorance. I have never played or had a guitar that had a treble bleed circuit and phase switching. I get the push pull pots. Maybe someone can enlighten me on those functions and their benefits and are they that needed or necessary. Thanks

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Treble bleed: When you roll down the volume, the treble-bleed network starts to filter out some bass frequencies, making the highs more prominent. >> For more details<<

Phase switching reverses the neck pickup phase (ground becomes hot, and hot becomes ground), so frequencies in common with the bridge pickup tend to cancel. This tonal change gives a distinctive, scooped sound that works well with both clean and distorted amp settings. You may want to think Peter Green or for the whole switching system more like the Jimmy Page mod without the series/parallel switch.

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The treble bleed circuit is a great idea and I would add it to anything that doesn't have it.  To me this is a necessity.

But the others aren't necessary but cool to have.  Some like the single-coil sound and phase switching and others don't.  My Epi LP has both and I do like them and they do add other voices that will make your guitar more versatile.

I have a twin-HB Squier Telecaster that has 3-wire pickups that can't be split so I'm replacing those pups.  An HH Tele with coil splitting should give me a nice tele twang along with the full-range HB sound.

Search on youtube, there are bunches of videos demonstrating these options.


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