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Here's an upbeat rousing original tune to help ease the dreariness of these interesting times.


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Here's an original upbeat instrumental to help counter all of the dreariness of these interesting times.

You may recall that during the holiday season I tried to push my musical boundaries by playing some holiday tunes on a classical guitar and trying to stay behind the beat but still within the beat on each tune.

With all of the dreariness of these interesting times, I thought I'd try to push my musical boundaries a bit further by writing and playing an original flamenco style song, also on a classical guitar.  

Here's the URL link to click on:

"Crickets" composed/performed by "Jazzman" Jeff 

Why is it called "Crickets"?  To make a long story short, this past winter for totally silly reasons my wife and I kept making jokes about cricket insects.  I can't even recall the jokes but we laughed and laughed.  And, somewhere in there she asked me to write a piece of music about crickets.   The other day I woke up with the melody in my head and then worked on it for a few days, adapting it to guitar.  It works that way sometimes.  Go figure.

Hope you listen and enjoy the music (and hopefully share it.)  And, I hope it brightens you days during these dreary times.

QM aka "Jazzman" Jeff


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