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Experimenting on my Gibson Experimental guitar.


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Hi, I have a Gibson guitar from the 80s.  It was one of those that Gibson was trying new inexpensive ways of making new guitars.

Bolt on neck, flat LP style body.

The preamp inside blew.  The motherboard was messed up and there are no replacements.  So, I took it out and disconnected it.  

I was thinking, since I have the space in the guitar, of buying a loop playback pedals, take it apart and put it inside the guitar.  

What do you think, will it work, should I even attempt it?  I figure connect the guitar output to the pedal input and connect the pedal output to the guitar jack.  Screw the MB to the guitar.  I'm not sure yet how to attach the pedal knobs inside, but Ill figure it out.  Once set, I drill holes through the plastic and line these up with so I could insert a small flat screwdriver to adjust the settings.  The existing toggle switch will be used as the pedal switch.


Is this possible, or just leave well enough alone.  Hate to have a toggle that does nothing.


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