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IBM to buy Sun Microsystems?


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If your a computer geek like me, this is wild...


SANTA CLARA, California (Reuters) - Its name was once synonymous with the Internet. It championed networking at a time most people thought e-mail was revolutionary. It used to be mentioned in the same breath as Microsoft and Intel.


Now, Sun Microsystem's biggest coup may well be selling itself to one of the industry's oldest names at a sky-high premium, spelling perhaps the end of an era for a loss-making firm that shed virtually its entire stock value in under a decade.


IBM is in talks to buy Sun to bolster its leading hold on the high-end computer market against rivals such as Hewlett-Packard, sources and analysts say. Big Blue is offering to pay over $6.5 billion or double Sun's Tuesday closing price of $4.97, The Wall Street Journal reported...



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Interesting because IBM has been a hardware company (AS400 series) and Sun was software. But Maybe the two can do something good. Best bet is they go to India. Now that Washington is anti-corporation they'll tax the crap out of companies and it will be more profitable to be in India. That's where Gates went (all of this money is in India). Obama and Pelosi have lined up with UNIONS and Class Action Lawyers -- and now they own the banks and AIG ... so everybody else will move everything and leave a sales office here. That's why every time he opens his mouth the stock market cringes.

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