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Epiphone Hummingbird question


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Looking for a little help, last week at church my Hummingbird created a horrible buzz, and fedback into the whole soundboard, lighting the board up like a Christmas tree (my sound guy said he’s never seen anything like that, and he’s been running sound for 30 years) so I changed out the batteries during rehearsal, and that fixed it, but right before we went live for worship, I unmuted it, and the buzz started right back up, so I just played muted.   

After church was over, I was messing around with different cables, and no buzzing at all, the only thing that did happen was that the one direct line (not plugged into a direct box) didn’t read my guitar at all, but other cables did just fine. 

Now when I plug it in at home, it flashes low battery light at my, and won’t produce sound through the amp... 


Anyone have any ideas??

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