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Hi @ll, 

I'm from Germany & just bought a used J-45 Std. from 2012 over here.

From my point of view  there's nothing to complain on that guitar. This particular model has the older thin pickguard.

I wonder if anybody of u out there happen to know if Gibson made some significant changes (building-wise) on the J-45 over those years.

For instance on the beginning of following video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5wnctndnV8 

..it's said that the 2019 model got "broken doll fix it" (right?).. wonder about what that could mean or if it's just a way of expression 

which i couldn't know as a german dude 😄 ..as a  lover of acoustic guitars always a little curious on things like that.. of course i know that in the end every single guitar has to be seen as unique.

Greetings overall


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