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Round or Rounder??? (New 2020 Gibson HB necks)


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Round and round we go! Here we go again, sorry guys but I need to know!

The new Gibson Hummingbird, with the red Vintage Cherry Sunburst...found in the sweetwater link below states that it has a.... "ROUND" neck shape. It gives no other detail. Considering how many different Gibson necks there are, and the frequency with which they change the names, I am wondering what this means. Does round mean thick and round..or thin and round?  I am not a fan of thick necks and need to know before I buy one. Can any one give a more accurate description of a new "round" neck than the Gibson specs in Sweetwater gives? Swetwater link below> Thanks for your help!

And so we have the new standard hummingbird with a "ROUND" neck

And the new Vintage model Hummingbird describing its neck as " ROUNDED"  !!!  I am left scratching my head saying...WTF! lol!


This has been reposted in the Gibson room, mods please feel free to delete this post.

Monitors please move this to the Gibson room. I posted this there but someone deleted it. 

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