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Uncle Freddy

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hello again guys ....looking for leads as to where I can obtain a brand new set of pick-ups for a mid-80s bass I am restoring ......this bass has the dual offset neck pick-ups and the single bar bridge pick-up ......they will have to be direct drop-in perfect fit for these routes ......also, they need to be passive, as this bass is no longer active ......any help highly appreciated, THANK YOU 



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Hi Uncle Freddie. It's been many months since I visited this forum, so if you've already found an answer to this thread, just ignore this reply. I recommend that you take careful measurements of the routed cavities for the pickups and call Seymour Duncan. Their phone number is on their website. They have a wide variety of passive pickups you can choose from. Let them know the bass you're putting the pickups into and, if possible, what kind of wood it is. They should have some recommendations. My guess is that any PJ set will fit into the cavities, but having the measurements handy will still be important...jim g

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