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Serial Number help.

Dave 1270

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Hi to all . Its my first time here on the forum , would like a bit of help . I have bought a Gibson Les Paul privately , its advertised as a 2007 standard nice clean condition no breaks etc ,but i cannot follow the serial number decoder can anyone help.  Serial number  004771369 . Says  made in USA rear of headstock but no when made stamped on headstock .Looks like cherry burst , has traditional type of tuners not locking type . Can anyone tell me what year , model , colour  Les Paul i have best regards Dave Nixon. Sorry cannot load photos up wrong size and dont know how to change them.

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That guitar was the 1369th guitar made on Friday February 16, 2007


YY = year (07=2007 etc)

D=day of the year [1-365] (047 = 2/16/07)

NNNN = guitar made that day (1369 = it was a long day of work on friday)

To get the more detailed information you're looking for you need to contact Gibson customer service directly.

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