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Fake Gibson SG ?

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Hi community

My uncle game me this guitar many years ago, now I dont use it anymore and I´m wondering if it´s a real Gibson 69, as the serial number shows up. And If it is original, how much does it worth considering that it´s broken and my uncle made some modifications. 

Regards and thanks for the info


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Well, it's definitely a real Gibson SG from the early 70s. I'm not 100% sure what model it started out as. The fact it has a pearl logo as opposed to a gold decal narrows it down some. Ditto for the the neck binding...that is binding, yes? The pickguard and control plate cover (in their present form) may hide some extra routing. 

I'm hesitant to make any claim on what something might sell for but this will be on the low side for many reasons. Early 70s SGs aren't held in very high regard because Gibson had made some awful changes about that time, reducing the neck angle to zero or thereabouts, not contouring the horns anymore, the large 70s headstock at 13 degree pitch, using a top mounted control plate instead of the traditional back rout, the fact that yours has been seriously hacked, and it has a repaired headstock.

Not being insulting, just being honest and telling you exactly what an SG buyer (in the know) will tell you. 

I say play it. And if you don't like it, swap it for something you WILL play.

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