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Hello you guys ,

My friends call me  viejo lobo (The Old Wolf), I´m from Chile southern part of the world , I always wanted to own a Gibson electro acoustic guitar  , here we don´t have so many models

I started trying to find a preowned EC-30 blues king electro sunburst , but now i felt in love with de EAS deluxe cherry sunburst

I want to buy one in the US and send it to my friend´s house who lives there  , he is also Chilean married with a US girl , he will bring it to my hands on a future journey

these guitars are not very common , i saw some of them sold on some sites , please i would like to ask you guys for some help , if any body knows one that is for sale please please let me know

own a Gibson is one of my life dreams and , now that i got the money to invest , i´ll go for it , if you guys help me achieve this dream i would really aprecciate it

kind regards and keep on rockin





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Welcome aboard viejolobo.  You may already be doing this, but you can always check eBay, Reverb.com and CraigsList in/near the city near your friend here in the U.S.  I checked Reverb.com, but there were no EAS Deluxes for sale.  eBay had an EAS Standard for sale, but no EAS Deluxes.

Good luck in your search.

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