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Hi I'm new,though I have been following some of the posts...I'm sitting home bored so practicing my guitar chords after years of not doing,I'm at the 'sore finger' stage....chuckle...I have question also: I'm taking care of a beautiful guitar for a friend who will be gone a while...Id like to know the model of this guitar and other info as I want to insure it while it's in my keep and have a rough appraisal and idea of the worth & insurance cost...I have the 'GIBSON MEMPHIS' 'Certificate Of Authenticity'....signed by David Winters/Gen. Manager,Gibson Memphis....es30vcbn1 or is it an ( I ).......Hand built R2835.inside the guitar (the neck isn't stamped)..it is Cherry color,dot...two  P-90 pick ups, Bigsby tremola bar, the date on the papers is 7/17/19 I believe....this is a beautiful instrument, still in it's original Gibson case, untouched never played,I'm thinking it an ES-330??.....any info will be appreciated....Thank you

5c75ba2db6f8d52605a1f021e598bc7d.JPG.max600 (2).jpg


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