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Firebird pickup cavity dimensions please


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Hi all, hoping someout out there can help. I may have the opportunity to buy a beater Firebird, and although past experience has taught me that I won't be happy with the sound from the mini-hums I absolutely love everything else about these guitars. So if I buy this guitar it would be with the intention of doing a pickup swap. Top of my list is the TV Jones Classic (Gretsch Filter'tron style humbucker pickup). TV Jones makes quite a few variations on the mounting style of these pickups, but since the Gibson mini-hums are, well, mini, I'm not sure what my options are limited to with replacement pickups without any routing. If anyone else out there has an unstrung Firebird, or an unfinished Firebird project on the go, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could let me know the length, width and depth of the pickup cavities. The guitar I'm looking at buying is a 2003 VII, but I'm guessing the cavities would be the same size on a V.




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