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My suggestion is to take the guitar to a luthier to replace the bridge.    The luthier will be able to give you an estimate ahead of time as well as use the correct glue and clamps to make sure its properly affixed.  If it just the saddle that is broken, unless you're willing to sand or file it down to properly fit, your best bet is to also take it to a luthier to replace.    Although, if the guitar came with a plastic saddle, and you just want to replace it with a plastic one, buying a plastic saddle and then sanding it down to the size of the broken one is a very easy job if you have the original one to use as a guide.  Tusq and bone saddles are a bit harder to sand/file to size, but not that hard either, just harder than a plastic one to do.  Stewart McDonald is an online store that sells a bunch of different size saddles.  You might want to call or chat with them which saddle size would be best as a replacement, if its only the saddle.   If the bridge broke and the guitar is under warrantee if bought new, where you bought it from should be able to direct you how to get it repaired under warrantee.  I believe somewhere on this website is a list of authorized Gibson/Epiphone repair people in various locations to call.  Or, you can try calling Epiphone's customer service in Nashville.     One other thing to consider, after you obtain an estimate of how much it will cost to replace a bridge, provided it is not under warrantee, is the cost may exceed the price of the amount you paid for the guitar if you purchased the Pro 1 at a very inexpensive price (as it may be an lower priced model.)  If its under warrantee and that's the situation, they may just give you another guitar rather than repair it, if its under warrantee.    Check with Epiphone customer service to learn more.  Keep us posted what happens.  Maybe someone else here will chime in with more info.

Hope this helps.

QM aka "Jazzman" Jeff

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