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just sharing a new duo I've found called the Kin


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Hey guys long time no post, but I thought I'd share this new duo I recently got turned on to. They are called the Kin (they're brothers) beautiful voices and the guy's playing a Gibson..............check em out............




this version is unmiced:






There’s a tale

Told by sailors

Of two sons and their father

As they sailed to old Palestine


True were these brothers

They sailed to bury their father

They would fight for Jerusalem


You will be meek when I am able

You’ll be the salt upon the table

When all is said and done could you

Somehow be sons of Abraham


I was told by a stranger

Of a young blood thrown to the desert

He united a people with his hands


In the wane to the crescent

He fed the lion to the pheasant

He would stride to the spring of Zam Zam


There’s a tale told by sailors

A young boy taken to slaughter

He was saved by his father’s hand


He was prized and protected

And prince he was elected

He was to save the wolves with a lamb


There’s a tomb out by Jordan

Where two sides stop to adore him

As they fight for Jerusalem


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