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Bridge Pins on 1996 Epi PR-350-12


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Hi Folks,

I bought this baby brand new in 1996 and parked her in the closet somewhere around 2010.  Just didn't use her very much.  The other day, I took her out and noticed all the bridge pins were missing.  I do remember when I packed her away, I unstrung her but, I don't remember what I did with the black bridge pins. DUHHHHHH!

Anyway, I started looking for a high-end Guild 12-string. When I saw the almost $5000 price tag, I thought maybe my PR350 -12  Epi won't sound too bad once restrung and boned up with a custom saddle & nut.  The Epi sounded great back then (for a low end 12 string) and had nice action and feel too.  I know, I know ... pig's ear and the silk purse thing ....

Does anyone know the specific size of these pins?  I could not find any vendors who specifically sold Epiphone specific bridge pins.  My J-45 pins are too large and my D-35 pins are too narrow.

Thanks for reading.

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