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This is my first post, on here. 

I have been offered a Flying V in a trade. And I know absolutely nothing about flying Vs... 
Seller tells me that because it's alpine white and has an ebony board, it's rare.

He also states that current market value is over $3000.. Which seems a little high if you ask me. 

Can any of you help identify the model year and maybe confirm/debunk the "rarity" part of this? 
Since I have very little knowledge on flying Vs.. I haven't been able to find much during my own research. 

Kindest regards, 



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The body says mid-70s with the triangular knob configuration but the headstock suggests mid-80s or later with it being pointy instead of rounded; best guess was it sustained a neck injury and was replaced anachronistically. Now, I was thinking it could be one of the 2010-era re-issues but the body shape vs. the pickguard looks alot more like my 1976 V...see below.

76 Flying V.jpg

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