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Pickup Volume Imbalance

6th Stringer

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Hey guys -

I just traded for a 2001 SG Standard a few days ago. Everything seems stock, so it should have the 490R/498T pickup set. They check out with the multi-meter : 13.5K Bridge and 7.6 Neck.  All the pots and wiring look original an unmolested. The pots are Gibson branded and marked with the production date of 1-15-01.

Both pickups are basically the same height from the strings, but the neck pickup is significantly louder than the bridge pickup. This is counter-intuative since the bridge pickup is almost twice as hot. I used contact cleaner on the switch contacts. It did not work. I can not think of any other reason why the weaker pickup would be the loudest.

I am thinking of swapping them out with some humbucker sized P90s. I would not want to dis-assemble the original wiring harness, so I would probably replace it all with quality stuff and keep the original harness intact.

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