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  1. This was my first total guitar refin. I had painted several motorcycles before. For the clear, I used a 2-part poly from the auto paint store that is kind of like epoxy. It has plastic qualities, but it's flexible and resists gasoline well, so it would probably be resistant to sweat and oils. It dries/cures quickly because it is chemically activated. I sprayed it on with a Preval. Then smooth with progressively fine sandpapers and polish with McGuire's Ultimate Compound.
  2. Check out Guitarfetish.com ! They have really good stuff at reasonable prices and plenty of USA Gibson spec pieces.
  3. Cool. That makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  4. My good friend had one just like that. Unfortunately, he accidentally discharged a pistol in his house and the police came. They knocked his SG off the stand and it got a headstock fracture.
  5. There was nothing wrong with the V. Its all structurally solid. I just do not like the open pore/grain finish style. Some Taylor acoustic guitars are like that on the neck. I always liked the late 70s Les Pauls with the metal flake finish. I believe they were mostly red or blue. I though the LP Studio would be kind of a tribute to that. A "goldtop" , yet non-traditional. I have a bunch of gold flakes left over from painting my motorcycle. I also have an old Peavey Mystic that I am refurbishing and will have to paint it as well. It had a really bad rattle can job when I rescued it from a pawn shop.
  6. What are your thoughts on re-finishing low end Gibson models? How does it effect the value for you? Does a nicely done non-original re-finish deminish or add to the value? I re-finished a 2003 Flying V. It started as "faded"or worn Cherry. I stripped it, sanded it. filled the grain and re-sprayed it in Olympic White as sort of an homage to Hetfield. I left the neck the original cherry stain finish and made the headstock white on the back and metallic black on the face. I have a 2017 LP Studio T that is also Cherry with the gloss top. I was thinking of re-doing just the top in gold metal flake and leaving the sides and back red.
  7. I have an SG Special that I got at a pawn shop for $375 because it has an ugly - yet functional - headstock repair. It has all the specs of the 1992 model - 50s neck profile; ebony fretboard; large pickguard. The pickups are most likely stock. They are 7.8k (Bridge) and 8k (Neck). The serial number dater at Guitar Dater Project says it is from 1990, but the serial-number-decoder.com says it isfrom 1994. The serial is 94010462. The second to last is either a 6 or 8. It is stamped so lightly it's hard to tell. I don't think that is consequential to the date of production.
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