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[repost from Gibson USA] 1989 Les Paul Studio Lite with Floyd Rose

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Hi, I am new to the forum, and I would like to share with you some pics of my strange guitar.

This is a repost of the same topic on the "Gibson USA" area, sorry for the duplication, I did not realised that there was this specific section of the forum to ask for informations.

It's a 1989 Les Paul Studio Lite with Floyd Rose.
I know that it may look too weird for many of you, sorry about that.

Serial number is 80429563

So it should be the 63th instrument built at Nashville on february 11th 1989

I noticed that is very difficult to find this model, wonder if you can provide me some more infos, which pickups? materials? 

I am also curious to know how much is the value, I am not a collector.
If I could go back in time I would probably choose a different model but to me this guitar has an important sentimental value.






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I eventually found some information,

fun when you are searching on the net for months (years) and then suddenly you get a lot of info:

So basically it seems it has standards LP materials:

Mahogany for back and neck and maple top (really? it's fully painted so why use different materials?)

then I found a Custom Lite at this link


it reports ebony fretboard and for pickups:  SW-5 Sidewinder / L-8 Humbuckers

I guess are the same as mine.

If all above are correct one question remains to me, how rare is it?

I am  not asking for a quotation, although it would be interesting to know, I don't want to sell it as it has a sentimental value to me.




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