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Hey folks, I was given an epiphone acoustic guitar by a good friend of mine after my own got trashed at a party(long story) . This was about 17 years ago, I still have it and it sounds and plays amazing. I just noticed that the saddle has a crack in it so I want to replace it with original parts but I can't seem to find anything online the indicates anything even remotely close to the serial number. if anyone can help ,I'd really appreciate it. TIA

serial # SI21015766

model AJ-10/BK

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Any luthier or a guitar repair man from a big box store should be able replace the saddle as part of a set up for the guitar.  A bone or a tusq saddle would be appropriate although the AJ10 probably came with a plastic saddle.  Upgrading to a bone or tusq saddle is something to consider.  Regarding the serial number and the year it was made…someone on this forum should be able to help.  Someone on the forum should also be able to help with specifics of an AJ10 model.  Although, I have a AJ12 in my collection from 2002-3 that has a laminate spruce top also called a select spruce top…not a solid top.  The AJ10 was a lower model than the AJ12 so it too probably has a laminate/select spruce top and not a solid top.  

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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