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Spanish Poetry - A beautiful voice of woman accompanied by Spanish classic guitars

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On 3/20/2022 at 3:42 PM, Marcus Nalgaber said:

Spanish Poetry - A beautiful voice of woman accompanied by Spanish classic guitars




Mora and Marcus

For me, poetry plays an important role in my life. I love reading prose, it inspires me and makes me write my own texts, but poetry is something for the soul. At https://artscolumbia.org/free-essays/poetry/ I read some research on poetry, especially Spanish and French, and its role in the development of world literature.

It's just incredible! Thanks for sharing this.

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Hi @Vernon Fargo   @TalonBaker

Thank you so much here I post the English translation.


The Rain

The rain fell slowly
almost as it not wanting to
gently calming the thirst
that the heat left behind.

She entered through the open window
sifting with her timidness
the penumbra now already cool.

The houses and  things were still,
letting themselves be touched by her presence
and the drowsy time, looked at her like a child.

The blue and gray blended together,
water and air that played in the sky
now hidden in kept silence,   
and the rain fell slowly
stretching out her arm to gently touch 
the branches and  vineyards.

No one spoke, only she sang
and more than sing she hummed a slow tune
that moved in harmony with the feeling.

What fragrance her face gave off, 
shiny and pale,
fresh like a young rose
that parfumes the sitting room in a copper vase.

The forgotten sun finally peeked its light, 
though dim, through the soft layer of wet cotton,
and the rain upon seeing it, gathered her hair
and let herself kiss the nape, 
warm and alive, like an expectant woman.

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