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A couple of months ago I ordered the super cheap Epi version of this guitar, the Epiphone EM-1, and although I was very excited with it at first, when it was delivered to me, I was kinda disappointed. I didn't expect too much from it (having paid 100 euros for it, I can't say that I expected it to be kick @ss guitar) but it didn't do anything for me. The neck is way too thin for me (I like the wood to fill my hand), it's kinda uncomfortable when I play it sitting down. I bet that the Gibson versions would sound a million times better, but still, the guitar doesn't do anything for me. Plus all the Gibson version were FR equipped, and I'm more of a Kahler guy (whore). Despite all that, I think that a reissue (not a million dollar worth Custom Shop one) should be made for the people that enjoy this guitar. Plus, since shred is getting back the popularity it lost as a genre in the early 1990s, Gibson should get in the super strat business again. I would like to see models like the Q series and Victory MV being reissued. I would definitively get one.


One love

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