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Hi I am new here so I hope I don't misstep on any rules etc.

My Question

I have a new Epiphone Casino and I am wondering what the difference is between the P 90R and P 90T pickups being used now compared to the P 90's being used on Casino's in the mid 1960's (John Lennon's to be specific).

I am curious as to just how close the sound is between the two eras.

I am not the most tech wise so simple terms work best LOL.

Thanks for any help

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Not sure which Casino you have. Chinese or USA? Both are Totally different.. Especially Sound!

There used to be some Articles on Epiphone’s website when the Ltd. edition Epiphone John Lennon 65 Casinos were in production.. It appears it has all disappeared? I don’t see anything?

But there was reference to John’s Guitar being extremely well examined by Epiphone’s  top design Guys.. Everything was measured & examined to replicate the Build & Sound of John’s Guitar.. The P90’s are Gibson U.S.A. which sound different from the Asian P90’s.. 

Some things had been changed in addition to stripping the Finish.. 5Ply Body as opposed to the Chinese 3 Ply.  Different Grover Tuners. Switchcraft Input Jack, Wiring & Pots.. 

That’s all I can remember.. I think I’m accurate..

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The one thing you can do to get very close to Lennon’s Casino is swap the Chinese Pickups to USA Gibson P90’s. That will get you 95% there…

If you can’t find Gibson USA P90’s, Fralin, Duncan & Lollar make excellent USA P90’s that sound very very close to the Gibsons.. If you want authentic Kalamazoo type P90’s check out Thro Bak’s P90’s.. A little more expensive but would make your Casino sound so close to Lennon’s you probably couldn’t tell blindfolded..

Gibson USA  Nickel Chrome Dogear Pickup Covers are almost never available.. Most after market ones are Chinese or Off shore & are metric..  Make sure whichever ones you choose will work with your Chrome Pickup Covers.. Chinese are metric. USA are Standard… 

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21 hours ago, Deacon49 said:

One more question Larsongs

I am thinking hard on those Throwback Dogear pickups.

What are your thought son the wiring harness and toggle?

I don't want to change something that is really not going to make a difference.

Epiphone uses Switchcraft on the 65 Lennon , Elites, Elitist’s, IBJL’s, 50th Anniv, Gary Clark Blak n Blu & USA Casino’s. High quality.. Longevity & probably improves consistency of Sound.. I can’t say I hear a Sound difference on my USA, Korean Peerless, 50th Anniv. & Revolution Casino’s.. That said each one sounds different..

The Pickups change the Sound more than anything.. Although, everything from the Tuners to the Strap Button on the end does something that affects the sound to some degree..

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Jon at Throwback concurred with you regarding their Dog Ears and the China pick up covers do not fit.

NOTE: I just found these. They are asking $125 - Description: "ORIGINAL Nickel 60s Gibson/Epiphone Dog Ear P90 Pickup Covers... removed from a 64 330 today, the original owner drilled 1 small hole in each cover to attach a non dog ear p90 to the cover years ago.. these are original nickel genuine Gibson covers and we have priced them accordingly to the original owners stupidity... Great patina if you can stand looking at the small 1/8in holes"

If these will work I can live with the hole until a better set becomes available. Your thoughts appreciated.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help. A lot of folks with your knowledge are not so willing to share. Much appreciated as I am a total novice on electronics.

Gibson/Epiphone P90 Dog Ear Pickup Covers 1960s - Nickel Originals 1964

Used – Fair

Gibson/Epiphone  P90 Dog Ear Pickup Covers 1960s - Nickel Originals 1964 image 1


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